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Winning Ways Room To Be Yourself      
To become one of the best companies in the world, IHG needs to become one of the most attractive employers in the world - an employer that will stand out from the rest; one who people would love to come to work for. That is how we will attract talented, new individuals and keep and inspire the ones who will drive success. That is why we have made a new commitment to our employees and to people thinking of working with us. Our commitment to give everyone Room to be Yourself is explained below.
'Love to come to work' did you say?
There are workplaces where people come in each day with a smile on their face, inspired enough by their working day, their bosses, and their colleagues, that they keep that smile on their face for the majority of that day! We have asked IHG people what they want from work, from their employer – what would create that working environment where they can learn to say those rarest of words: "I love my job". The answer was clear: Room to be Yourself.

Most of our employees tell us we are already a pretty good place to work. Our commitment is that we will become an even better place to work – one of the best – because all the evidence is that when people love coming to work they perform at the highest level.

OK. What does it mean?
In too many workplaces, people are expected to leave their personality and their uniqueness at the door as they come in each day. Your room to make a difference, to make a unique contribution, may seem very limited or non-existent, but it is actually the contrary. The new IHG commitment to our employees encourages you to bring your entire self to work.

This is about allowing the unique personalities, talents, goals, dreams and passions of our people at work, giving everyone the freedom to make a difference – provide them room to be themselves.

How does this commitment fit with IHG Winning Ways?
Our Winning Ways define what is expected from everyone at IHG – how we behave every day so that we can become one of the best companies in the world. Giving you room to be yourself, provides the environment, support, and inspiration you need to take the initiative and put those behaviors into action.

Giving you room to be yourself at work frees you up to perform to the best of your capability – to live the Winning Ways each day. For more information on IHG Winning Ways, click here.

How do we know that is what people want?
We asked! We spent a year gathering insights through focus groups, external research, feedback from our Employee Survey, and talking to our talented people. What's important to them is that they can be an individual at work – they can be themselves.

So, what does this commitment mean in practice?
We've broken the commitment down into four important areas. Improving how we perform as an employer in these areas will be key to putting the commitment into action.

Room to have a great start – You will be treated with respect and we will make sure you have everything you need to have a great start

• We provide genuine and timely feedback to all candidates
• Your welcome starts before your first day
• You will have all you need to start your job from day one
• You will understand how your role contributes to our success

Room to be involved – You will have the opportunity to work with great teams, know what is going on and make a real difference in your workplace

• You will be encouraged to provide feedback and share your views
• We value everyone's different ideas, views and perspectives
• You will have the opportunity to make a difference in your local community
• We will keep you informed and make sure you have the information that's important to you

Room to grow – You will be supported and given opportunities to develop yourself and pursue a rewarding career

• You will know what success means for your role
• You will be involved in regular, quality feedback discussions
• You will have the opportunity to develop for your current and future roles
• You will know what career opportunities are available with IHG around the world

Room for you – You will be rewarded and recognized for your contributions and we will value the significance of your life beyond work

• We provide competitive pay and benefits
• We recognize teams and individuals that make great contributions
• We will help you to have the right work life balance
• We care about you and your workplace

We know from our employee survey that recognition is really important to our people. So we've taken the opportunity to recognize and profile some of the talented individuals in our company, sharing with us the passion and enthusiasm that makes work a great place to be. We feel that our greatest stories lie within the people that enrich our diverse company every day. Recognizing and profiling the rich character of our people builds our collective morale and sense of importance both as a company and as individuals.

What about the different IHG hotel brands on post?
Well, IHG is a family with one personality. The family members (the hotel brands) each have their own personality, too. So, if you are asking yourself - where do I fit in with any of the hotel brands, when each brand has its own unique features, the answer is that over the coming months we will be working closely with you to ensure that we bring the IHG Employer Commitment to life in such a way as to reflect the unique personality of each of our hotel brands.
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